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of evangelical pastors are
overweight or obese. – Pulpit and Pew Study from the Duke School of Divinity

More than 2.8 million people each
year die as a result of their
weight. – World Health

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You want to be healthy, lose weight, stop eating so much fast food, be more confident in your appearance, drop your cholesterol, and tone muscle. We get it. Who doesn’t? I mean honestly were we born to be unfit? Who woke up today wanting to become a statistic?

However, being in ministry has been proven to be lonely and loaded with pressure and stress. We understand. With the chaos of life and a crazy ministry schedule fitness loses its value in your life, descends on your list of priorities and goes neglected. Frankly it’s hard to decipher the overwhelming amount of fitness information out there right? Where does one begin?

You could Google. You could grab another book. After all diet and recipe books out sell even the Bible 10/1. You could go another fad diet or a fast. You could download an app. You could try to do all of this… Again… Alone. How has that worked up to this point? We’ve heard it many times and have been there ourselves.


Did you know?

Regular interaction with a
weight loss expert increases your chance of weight loss success by 221%?

For all the effort being put into digital tools, for the majority all it takes is a good push from a real, live person. Online interventions and support has been proven time and time again to help people lose weight more quickly, and keep it off longer. You need someone to put their arm around you, provide weekly motivation to help you get to Fitville.

You need your very own health ambassador, your very own fitness angel who will help keep fitness and health on your radar. You need someone that will become a protector of your health who’s constantly encouraging, inspiring, challenging, directing, educating, and motivating you to keep moving forward. You need a caring friend who’s thinking about you, more specifically another pastor-type, that has been in your shoes that will help you become a Fit Pastor not just for an upcoming council, vacation, during a season, but for life. More importantly you need an expert who can help you put a plan together, keep you honest and motivated, and always there to keep you from exiting the road to health.

In other words, wait for it… YOUR VERY OWN PERSONAL COACH. Are you serious? Absolutely. You no longer have to travel the road of health alone. We’re here for you now.


“Just finished my spring season of huddles with Fit Pastors. I learned the importance of my health and the reminder to change before you have too. I learned the importance of portion control and the captivity to say no. Finally, the greatest thing I learned again is the power of accountability. We all need accountability in our lives in every area. Food addicted people need accountability as well.” – Kevin Ward, Lead Pastor of Central Assembly

“I didn’t realize how much I weight I had lost till I saw this side by side. The left is a week before my journey with Fit Pastors started at 278 pounds and the right yesterday at 244 pounds. That is a 34 pounds lost, but with the weight training, inches have been lost good weight that’s muscle that has been added. I just climbed to the top of the mountain in Missoula with University of Montana “M” on it. That would not have happened 6 months ago before Fit Pastors.  Fit Pastors is NOT just a 12 week huddle!!! It’s a LIFETIME of choices… ” Jody Dyess, Youth Alive Director



$199. That’s it! We believe EVERY PASTOR, every church leader, and every single person should have the opportunity to receive professional, affordable coaching but there’s no one size fits all. With that said, you could get a whole month with your very own personal coach for less than you’d pay for an hour at most gyms! We know that sounds ridiculous, but it’s true.

This is our goal for you… We want you to never step foot into a gym again without having a plan. We want you to never look at a menu and not know what to order. We want you to never look in the mirror and not be completely confident. Now, we know we can get you there. This is NOT a magic pill or a quick fix to a toned body. A perk will be weight-loss but the goal isn’t to lose it as quickly as possible just so you’ll find it again a few months down the road. This is about creating life-style habits for the long-haul. You will be given the tools and resources to keep four tires (FUEL, MOVE, LIFT, AND REST) aired up so you don’t experience a blow out.



Watch this……


Free Resource


You’ll receive a ton of resources to help you get fit including: recipe books, fitness logs, motivational images and quotes, a spreadsheet with tons of fitness recommendations, and tons more. Seriously we just want to load you up with tools to help you get healthy!



We all know how lonely being in ministry can be. One thing we have learned is the importance of a strong support system as you get healthier. Community and accountability are key and you get both by being a part of a members only Facebook group and access to your personal coach. Your coach is available by email and will send you motivational texts to spur you on your journey.

Feedback and Direction on

Goal Setting

Each week we will encourage you to shoot us a message with your top goals and if you so choose a picture of you standing on your scale for accountability. We will respond by providing quick feedback and any direction you are needing.

Automatic Access Into the

Fit Pastors Academy

As a bonus, depending on which program you choose, you will get a discount or free access to our signature online course called the Fit Pastors Academy 1.0, as well as upcoming online courses. You will obtain tons of resources and professional coaching in three different options all at your own pace. You will be able to discuss what you learn with your personal coach. Click here to find out more about Fit Pastors Academy 1.o.


Coaching Huddles

Get access to exclusive huddles via Google hangout to learn with and from other pastors about their struggles and what’s working for them. Concerned about your busy schedule? Don’t fret. This will be offered at different times of the week for you to choose the best option that best works for your schedule!


Coaching Calls

There’s simply nothing better or more effective than face-to-face interaction with a coach. The purpose will involve keeping you P.A.C.E.D. What does that mean? Your coach will pray for you, keep you accountable, offer community, encouragement, and direction so you don’t fall off the wagon. You will fall at times, but your coach won’t let you fail.


You can contact us anytime at 469.333.3230, send us an email – or click here.

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As I’ve been traveling the country the past few years and meeting with pastors, I’ve noticed two things. Most pastors have a huge heart for God and many pastors have a big waistline. If you want to make it for the long haul, you need to hire Ricky Van Pay and the coaches at Fit Pastors to help you live with the passion, energy and zeal that God intends you to have through a healthy lifestyle. I urge you to not spend so much time ministering to people that you neglect taking care of yourself. Hire the Fit Pastors coaching team and it will change your life.

– Casey Graham, Founder of The Rocket Company

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