A Tale of Two Pastors Trying to Get Fit

Posted By: Ricky Van Pay

Over the past two years I’ve come across two kinds of pastors while coaching.

They both have a need to get fit.  Only one really wants it.  Let me explain.

I’ve had both come to me with every reason, excuse, pressure, and struggle.  Can I be the first to say trying to be fit in the context of ministry is a recipe for disaster much of the time?  I’ve been there.  It’s tough.  It’s hard.  The sectional dinners.  The entertaining of new visitors.  The late night binges to comfort.  Like I said it’s real and they are honestly good reasons to stay unfit.

This is where the tale begins and the choice of a path occurs.  One pastor accepts the hard knocks reality but refuses to have excuses.  This pastor has what I call the 3 D’s (desire, determination, and discipline) which = recipe to becoming a fit pastor.

The other pastor?  Has a need but doesn’t want it badly enough I see and hear it all the time.  It’s sad.  So much that pastor is missing out on.  One being an incredible quality of life.  Second credibility in leadership.  Thirdly longevity to fulfill their mission.

Which pastor will you be?  You don’t have to become some fitness fanatic and work out 5 hours a day.  It’s not becoming an extreme organic, granola, vegan, or anything else that would cause you to feel deprivation.  It’s simply taking one step forward.  It starts now.  What are you waiting on?  Do it.

As always if you choose to be the first pastor mentioned, we can help.  Just let us know.


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