Are You Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable?

Schwinn_220_Recumbent_Exercise_Bike_manBy: Coach Ricky Van Pay

A couple of days ago I found myself at the Louisville Recreation Center peddling away on a spinning bike.  I only had about 30 minutes to sneak in a quality session so I inserted some intervals.  I’m a firm believer if you only have a short amount of time in the gym…. make it count.  I was right beside a guy leisurely pedaling next to me on stationary bike.  Before I go further I want to say that just the fact that this guy was in the gym was a win OK?  Anytime you just show up is huge!

However, he wasn’t even breaking a sweat and didn’t seem to be making hardly any effort.  So…. I asked him, “Hey man what’s your goal today?  He responded with this peculiar glance like “What’s it to you dude?”.  I asked him again, “What’s your plan for this workout?”.  He said, “I’m bummed, I really wanted to be using a recumbent bike” (the one pictured above that allows you to lean back).  I asked, “Oh yeah, why’s that?”.  His reply, “They are far more comfortable.”  Conversation over.

Am I downgrading this guy’s workout?  Yes.  I know I know you are once again thinking, “Hey he’s there and he showed up!”.  Absolutely!  Is there anything wrong with a recumbent?  No way!  If you deal with back pain they are essential!  I’ve had friends over the years use them out on the road and watched tons blow by people.  But for this guy?  He was sand-bagging it.  I knew it.  And he knew it.  What am I getting at?  If you want to see a huge significance in your fitness gains, drop weight, and burn more calories you can’t approach the gym without a plan to do so.  You also can’t go in there seeking out the most comfortable alternative.  Your goal should be for the amount of time you are in the gym, get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  Why?  Some say that’s where the magic happens!  I agree!

How about you?  In your next venture to complete a workout, what if you didn’t sand bag it?  What if you went in with the mentality of getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.  Perhaps you could go a little faster, lift a little heavier, or go a little longer.  Try it and let me know how you feel afterwards.  I promise you’ll look in the mirror and have self-respect.



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