Are You Putting Air in Your Move & Lift Tires?

Tires - Infographic

Move or lift?  Which one is the better tire to keep aired up?  I champion the fact that your body is a vehicle and in order to keep it on the road to health you really need to keep four tires aired up.  What are they?  Fuel, Move, Lift, and Rest.

Cardiovascular training (Move) or strength training (Lift)?  What is more essential with the limited time you have to workout?  It is a question often asked by individuals starting the health journey.  To be honest?  Just do something!  If you are passionate about running than run!  If you are more passionate to do a workout DVD do it!  Start there.  Just put air in one tire at a time and then move on from there.  Try and not get overwhelmed.

Most people are going to lean toward the move tire vs. the lift tire.  That’s ok.  However, eventually you need to incorporate putting air in the lift tire eventually for various reasons such as: decreasing loss of bone density, giving you muscle to burn fat, toning and looking better, preventing injuries, and the list goes on and on.

I get asked often so what do you do to lift?  How do you find the time since you train for triathlons?  I do the majority of my lifting in the winter (off-season triathlon) and try and do more core workouts during the season.  It also depends on if I’m currently maintaining my body weight or trying to drop some pounds that determine my approach.

I’ve recently stepped away from a really busy month of traveling which involved tons of meetings and speaking engagements.  I’m human and packed on some extra pounds due to not having tons of control with my nutrition.  Excuse?  Yep we all have them.  With that said I’ve ramped up my workouts a bit to get back down to my target ideal weight.

I’m a firm believer in incorporating moving and lifting into a session.  I’m a huge fan of high-intensity circuit training with sneaking in cardio intervals as I go.  It keeps me from getting into a rut and my body predicting what is coming, thus hitting a plateau.  I’m constantly trying to add more stress on my body so it will change, evolve, and grow stronger.   It allows me to get my heart rate up, burn a ton of calories, become more efficient, well-rounded, and gives me a full body workout.  What does that look like?



1.  1-2 minute walk around the track to get warmed up followed by some dynamic stretching (movements that will mimic my lifting).

2.  1 mile light jog (burned around 100 calories)

3.  20 minute spin at moderate level intensity (burned around 130 calories)

4.  3/3/3/12 (3 exercises, 3 muscles, 3 sets of 12)

  • Shoulder presses with a barbell
  • Tricep pulldowns
  • Crunches

5.  20 minute spin (same as above)

6.  3/3/3/12 (3 exercises, 3 muscles, 3 sets of 12)

  • Shoulder alternate arm cable pull-ups
  • Tricep overhead lifts
  • Abs reverse crunches

7.  3/3/3/12 (3 exercises, 3 muscles, 3 sets of 12)

  • Shoulder press machine
  • Tricep alternate arm machine
  • Knee/Hip raises on parallel bars

8.  1 mile high-intensity run

How long was that workout?  It was 2 hours.  Typically I will only workout around 45 minutes to an hour about 4-5 times a week.  However, once again, with the added pounds I’m choosing to put a little extra time in for a couple of weeks to a month.  I texted two good friends my target weight and told them that if I didn’t get there by a certain date I would give them each $250 cash no questions asked.  That is accountability and it is a negative consequence for not sticking with my goals.  It works for me.

So there you go.  I’m not sharing all of that to say this is what I’m doing and you should do it.  Our physical health is by far a one size fits all.  You’ve simply got to find your own niche, rhythm, cadence, or pace.  You’ve got to develop your own lifestyle habits for health.  What can you do to put air in your move and lift tires?

Who are you staying accountable too?  Is it possible to hire a personal trainer for a season?  I love week 7 of the Fit Pastors Academy where we spend tons of time focusing on the lift tire.  If you need a couple of websites that give all kinds of free video demonstrations on lifting they are &  

Posted By: Ricky Van Pay


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