Pastors… How Much Food Are You Inserting in Your Mouth?

guyAre you in the category of the majority of Americans right now?  You know… wanting to lose excess baggage around the gut or hips area?  There’s that tension of knowing that you were able to get by during the winter months wearing bulky clothing and no one would notice the extra pounds, but the summer months are quickly approaching aren’t they?  Your extra pounds will be forced to go public!


If that’s you, I’ve got one suggestion.  Begin tracking right now.  Today.  Seriously.  What do I mean?  Keep track of every single thing you insert into your mouth.  If you don’t how will you ever know how many calories you are consuming?  I still remember the first time I put a large chocolate shake from Whataburger into a calorie tracker and it showed up at 1400 calories.  That one shake had as many calories as my daily total allowance!

Most people don’t realize how many calories they are consuming and most think they are consuming far less than they realize.

I coach quite a few people these days and here’s a straight up fact.  Those that are losing weight are tracking and those that are not losing weight aren’t tracking.  I’ve got people that squirm, fight, resist, buck, refuse to submit, ignore, and give every excuse to not track their calories.  I’ve got others that refuse to get on a scale and others that refuse to take regular measurements.  How in the world will you ever know if you are making progress unless you find a tool to track or measure?  Here’s the answer.  You most likely will not make progress.  It is kinda like trying to get out of debt and never balancing your checkbook or keeping up with a budget.  It will never happen.  Believe me I tried for years and still watch people try and fail.

Many nutritionists and weight-loss professionals say that the first step in any diet program is to take inventory of what you are taking into your body.

The secret of successful weight loss and management is not rocket science.  It is simply tracking how many calories you consume and how many calories you are burning.  3500 calories = a pound.  You will need to either consume 3500 less calories this week or burn that many or a combination to lose one pound.

The National Weight Control Registry took participants through a study a few years back and came up with a database of about 4,000 people that had lost an average of 30 pounds each and kept it off for more than a year. The research showed that the participants had these four things in common.

  • They exercised almost daily
  • Ate breakfast every day and kept a food journal
  • Weighed themselves at least once a week
  • Watched fewer than 10 hours of TV per week

So….. are you ready to get the winter weight off and prepare for the summer months?  How about losing your weight and never to find it again and finally make all of this a lifestyle?

Download an app like Lose It or My Fitness Pal and begin tracking everything that goes into your mouth.  If you do this consistently I promise you will lose weight.  There’s tons of people doing it within Fit Pastors as we speak.  As a matter of fact a pastor friend of mine just texted me today and told me he’s lost over 40 pounds in just the past few months.  How?  He’s tracking.  Now it’s your turn!

Posted by: Ricky Van Pay

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