WE ARE …………?

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 11.26.03 AMDo you remember the movie “We Are Marshall”?  If so perhaps you watched the inspiring pre-game speech by actor Matthew McConahay.  Yesterday as the Fit Pastors team prayed, dreamed, and strategized for the future we had one of those “We are” moments.  Here it is…….

WE ARE creating a tribe that is on mission to reclaim their health for the kingdom.

WE ARE filling a long overdue void.

WE ARE planting the seeds of a movement that will forever change the quality of life for our minister peers.

WE ARE changing the way our leaders feel about themselves when they look in the mirror.

WE ARE changing the course of what happens in the bedrooms of our pastors.

WE ARE helping our pastors gain confidence to speak on all topics.

WE ARE challenging the status quo to embrace the long lost art of self-discipline.

WE ARE calling out the lack of sweetness from the fruit of self-control.

WE ARE striving to point out to our clergy friends that we have lost credibility with a large portion of our church-goers & church-ignorers.

WE ARE coaching our reverends into longevity and helping them add years back to their life spans.

WE ARE showing our brethren how to regain energy that is there for the taking.

WE ARE bringing awareness to the fact that our pastors have big hearts, but also big waistlines.

WE ARE reminders that the Holy Spirit gives us power to be over-comers & more than conquerors in physical health.

WE ARE appointed and anointed for such a time as this to lead the charge of an epidemic REVolution.

WE ARE going to do everything we possibly can to inspire and motivate our leaders in fitness.

WE ARE going to strive to provide professional coaching and quality affordable resources to provide help in this all important area of their lives.

WE ARE creating an epidemic of health in our churches.

WE ARE going viral with our passion to help unfit pastors and church leaders get fit.

WE ARE creating a paradigm shift in taking back what our enemy is trying to steal, kill, and destroy… our health.

WE ARE determined to be the source pastors go to for prayer, accountability, community, encouragement, and direction with their physical health.

WE ARE not going to be limited by denominational walls or what anyone thinks.

WE ARE not going to be quiet because this is a personal topic or a taboo subject.

WE ARE determined.  WE ARE on mission.

WE ARE the protectors of our shepherds health.

WE ARE their fitness angels.

WE ARE here for you.  WE ARE one of you.  WE ARE the Fit Pastors team.

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