15 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Join a Coaching Huddle



  1. You Want To Be a Loner
  2. You Want To Stay the Same
  3. You Want to Be Unfit Behind the Pulpit
  4. You Have Tons of Time to Research the Latest Fitness Info
  5. You’ve Found Another Option
  6. You Already Feel Attractive to Your Spouse
  7. You’ve Got Your Sleep Patterns Nailed Down & Never Break Your Sabbath
  8. You Don’t Need Professional Coaching Because You Already Know Everything
  9. You Don’t Care to Hear Inspiring Stories About Other Pastors That Went From Fat to Fit
  10. You Have Plenty of Resources
  11. You Don’t Need Any More Accountability In Your Life
  12. You Have Tons of People Praying & Encouraging You to Get Healthier
  13. You Already Know Everything There Is About Nutrition, Strength-Training, and Cardiovascular Training
  14. You Are Already Confident That You Have Credibility to Speak Because You Exemplify Self-Control in All Areas
  15. You Already Conquered the Nations #1 New Years Resolution

However, if you think you should join a coaching huddle you can click the image below to grab a spot.

Huddle Promo #2



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