173… The Amount of Weight Lost Within Fit Pastors in January


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Posted by: Ricky Van Pay

We recently polled those enrolled in our Fit Pastors Academy online course and asked, “How much weight have you lost since beginning?“.  Approximately 173 pounds have been lost!

According to statistics “For every ten pounds you are overweight, you can take one year off your life span.”  If this is true, then guess what?  17.3 years of ministry impact and time with family has been added back into the lives of some amazing pastors and ministry leaders!

Our mission is to help unfit pastors and church leaders by providing professional coaching and quality affordable resources so they can reclaim their health for the kingdom.  One way we do this is by offering a 12-week self-paced online course called Fit Pastors Academy.  There’s simply nothing else like it and IT ISN’T JUST FOR PASTORS!  The course lays a theology of fitness, which has been long overlooked by churches, bible colleges, and other organizations.

Our goal is to get people thinking about health and to make it a priority.  Statistics say that eight of ten people think about their health every single day, yet only one out of those eight know anything about nutrition.  This course helps ease that tension by educating people on four main tires (Fuel, Move, Lift, Rest) to keep aired up so that they can keep their vehicles (bodies) on the road to health.

Fit Pastors doesn’t promote weight loss.  We promote weight loss never to be found again!  We focus on making healthy choices every day which will lead into habits which will equal lifestyle.  As a result no one will never need to be fixated on a scale.  You focus on daily health choices you’ll never have to worry about your weight.

Two huge perks of the course is that immediately get invited into the Fit Pastors face book group page where a tribe has been established that provides tons of community support.  Another perk is that each student that enrolls gets assigned to a Fit Pastors coach that monitors their nutrition on a weekly basis.

Interested?  Guess what?  This Friday, which is Valentine’s Day, we are offering a ONE DAY ONLY 25% DISCOUNT for enrollment into the Fit Pastors Academy!  Cupid says that all you need to do is enter SWEETHEART as the promo code.  Here’s the order form you will need to use this Friday.  You can learn about all the details of the FPA here.

Don’t take our word for it that this course is changing lives.  Check out what those enrolled in the Fit Pastors Academy are saying,

fit-pastors-academy“I finally moved the big weight on the scale today. I’m now in what the government calls a normal, healthy weight category. I haven’t seen the underside of 200 in a long time.  Be encouraged! I NEVER thought this would happen. It was always one of those impossible things no matter how hard I tried. I had resigned myself to never lose the extra weight until I joined Fit Pastors. Not stopping now!”

“Six months ago my son called me with tears in his voice and said, “Mom you need to quit turning to sugar. It’s affecting your health”. My own mom had just passed away and my son was reading my mail big time. Sweets was my comfort food. He gave me a list of changes I would see in this new beginning. These changes have indeed happened! Spiritual (overcomer), confidence, energy, weight loss, better food digestion, better sleep, healthy skin/nails/hair/eyes, better marriage and no more mood swings thank God! I feel better than I have in years!Thank you Ricky for being direct with tough love!”

“I’m down 3.9 pounds of fat mass this week and up 1.5 pounds of muscle mass.  Finished last week strong and I’m starting this one strong. Let’s do this!”

“What to hear a real victory report??  I’ve baked forty pies and made nine batches of no-bake cookies in the past three days, and I haven’t taken a bite of any of it! Raised $1,000 for our building fund!”

“I’ve been encouraging other people with the changes in my life. A friend told me today she was able to tuck her shirt into her pants with a belt with confidence today..she hadn’t done that in 12 years!!! Another friend told me she’s making life changes and has felt no one has ever been in her corner before and that is making a huge difference. Her mom who just had a heart attack is being inspired by her to do this with her. I’m helping these people on by the grace of God..so Praise YOU Lord! You see, you aren’t just doing this for YOU!!!!! It’s for your family, your friends, and everyone who sees that this is possible. You are on this journey and it isn’t easy, but it’s worth it…it just is!!!!”

“I’ll admit – I just caught up on the module videos this week.  Week two has been replaying through my head. Today I’m reading in Luke 4, the temptation of Jesus. The first temptation was a play on his hunger, and his response was “Man does not live on bread alone.” Jesus really was tempted in every way we were! Self-control as the Spirit enables us!

“I’m wearing a dress to church today the didn’t fit me before but now does. Walking like I own the world a little today . Keep up the good work folks! If I can do it, you can do it!”

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