Top 10 Reasons We Launched Fit Pastors

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Posted by: Ricky Van Pay

1.  Shawn and I have been there.  We like to say US TOO.  You know… being unfit overweight pastors struggling with credibility, confidence, and feeling attractive to our spouse’s.  Shawn grew up in LA, went into Master’s Commission, off to Bible College, youth pastored, and is currently planting a church.  I’ve had a similar road as well youth pastoring, planting a church, and becoming a missionary chaplain.  We also found a road out toward health and we’re ready to coach you what we learned about being healthy in the context of ministry.  And Amy knows what it’s like to be a skinny unhealthy person as well!  All three of us will coach you via video content throughout the upcoming Fit Pastors Academy starting January 8th.  You’ll also get access to our stories in vivid raw detail through our bonus video section.  Click here to learn more about the details.

2.  A recent pastor’s survey gave feedback to the overwhelming % of pastors that are overweight, don’t feel confident behind the pulpit, don’t feel attractive to their spouse, aren’t taking a day off, trouble sleeping, are lacking exercise regularly, and have minimal know-how to fueling their bodies.

3.  We’ve been coaching pastors specifically for over a year, and hearing their struggles, lets us know they aren’t alone.  Watch this clip of a recent pastor’s transformation from getting coaching with us.

4.  The hundreds of emails we’ve received from speaking at churches doing campaigns, comments on FB, texts, and calls from pastors expressing greater desire for quality coaching and professional, affordable resources.  For example:

“Fit Pastors is an absolute God-send to church leadership.  Fit Pastors has encouraged me in my own efforts to stay fit and I can’t wait to be a part of his Fit Pastors Academy. So many church leaders are busy taking care of other people and do nothing to take care of themselves. The Fit Pastors team know this is can lead to short-lived effectiveness in ministry. I’m so glad God has called them, who have come through their own struggles, to minister to ministers. It’s about time this topic has come out from the shadows.

I have had them speak at my church. Several of our members have made lifestyle changes as a result of his ministry. Hundreds of pounds have been lost throughout our congregation. Pastors, invite them over just to talk about his ministry. You’ll be challenged and encouraged at the same time.” Paul Church, Lead Pastor, Dakota Ridge Church

5.  Two lengthy road trips a year ago left us with a list of 30 pastors expressing to us they needed our help.  That list has since multiplied many times over.  Thus, we are launching Fit Pastors Academy right off the bat.  Click here to watch part 1 or part 2 or part 3 about the program.

6.  A pastor friend texting us from a council with thousands of pastors in attendance:

“I’m looking around and let’s just say what you guys are doing is VERY NEEDED.”

7.  Pastors aren’t talking about it in church due to lack of credibility and fear of offending….. so we are going to.  It was cool to get this comment from a pastor friend of ours recently:

“I believe what you’re doing is much needed and way overdue. I believe it is as spiritual, if not more so than anything else a leader can do. Influence and impact cannot be over-stated, therefore, a lack of discipline regarding physical health erodes credibility and potentially disqualifies pastors/leaders from addressing and challenging others in the area of fundamental disciplines for life, etc.” Anonymous Pastor

8.  Pastors are spending all their time taking care of God’s temple and not their own.

9.  Churches don’t have a theology of fitness, lack the resources from a faith-perspective, and don’t have access to affordable coaching.  By having us come in here’s what pastors are saying.  

10.  Create a tribe and community of pastors reclaiming their health for the Kingdom so they can fulfill their callings for the long-haul.

“Ministry can be very lonely even in the biggest of cities with the largest of crowds.” Anonymous Pastor

“It sure helps knowing I’m not alone and there’s a community of pastors developing that are getting help with their health” Anonymous Pastor

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