I Was 100% WRONG about the Fit Pastors Academy

Posted by: Ricky Van Pay

When we launched fitpastors.com last week I honestly thought the #1 benefit or perk would be access to the online coaching course.  I mean come on we spent over 100 hours developing the coaching content!  Is there tons of coaching on health in our culture today?  Absolutely!  But we just couldn’t find anything through the scope of a Biblical-perspective and zero through the lens of those in ministry.  I honestly thought that everything you can read about here would be the #1 perk.

Guess what?  I was 100% wrong.  Dead wrong.In the past week guess what has been the overwhelming 100% benefit or perk of enrolling into the FP Academy?The Fit Pastors Facebook group page.  What??  You’re kidding right?  Nope.We’ve realized that so many have been traveling the road to health alone. It’s tough enough trying to battle daily choices, but even tougher when it’s by yourself.  For generations pastors, church leaders, missionaries, and church members have been struggling with their health.  There’s been no outlet, no education, no one talking about it, no one confessing, and its been expected that you just deal with it.  Or…. We ignore it.  Thus the road to health has been solo.

And the consequences have proven themselves with the statistics that over 75% of Evangelicals are overweight or obese.

The Fit Pastors Facebook group page is a closed group that has become a tribe overnight.One of our goals in launching Fit Pastors was to develop a tribe of pastors and church leaders that are focused on reclaiming their health for the Kingdom.  What do we mean by tribe?  A band of people having a common character, occupation, or interest according to Webster.

One week in….. it’s already happening!  The cool part is it isn’t just with pastors, or those in ministry, but others as well.

I’m blown away by the conversations, the encouragement, the prayers, the support, the sharing of ideas and wins, struggles, recipe sharing, and relationships that are being developed.  It has eased the pain as we like to say it.  It has become a place where pastors and church leaders can go and feel accepted, embraced, and no longer feel the tension of not having it all together with their physical health.

You know what was really startling?  Our group page this past Sunday mine as well have been themed like the song, “Party Like It’s 1999”.  On a Sunday!  Pastors were reaching out, commenting, sharing, encouraging, and praying for one another with their goals.  Why?  It’s obvious.  Relationship.  Support.  A place to connect with other pastors and leaders in this one specific area of their lives that has been such a struggle for so long. It’s been proven by our research beforehand…. there’s simply nothing else like this.

If you don’t believe me just read the comments below that I grabbed this morning off the page.

“I lost 2 pounds over Thanksgiving as well!” Church Planter

Down 4 pounds. Already scheduled a Church Daniel Fast and signed up to train for an Olympic triathlon.” Lead Pastor

I’ve lost one pound! Can’t wait to reach my goal before my trip to New Orleans in May!!” Executive Pastor

 “15 pounds down since I started this journey November. With God’s help you can do this!” Lead Pastor

“Shout out to Brandie for a 4 pound loss this week!! Awesome!!” Fit Pastors Coach

“Just ran 5 miles under 50 minutes! Felt great!” Worship Pastor

“Been away for a while, but have lost 16 pounds! Boo yah!!! ‪#‎igotthis‬. Have a blessed week!” Lead Pastor / Denomination Leader

“Lost 15-20 pounds since eliminating sugar from my diet. Thanks Fit Pastors for excellent coaching.” Women’s Leader

“You can never let your guard down just because you’ve had success in the past. This is a life-long battle. With the help of God and Fit Pastors I’m going to lose 22 pounds, and keep it off forever!!” Spouse of a Pastor

“Just watched Module 1.1 video from the FP Academy.  I’m down 4 pounds in 6 days and training for a marathon in April.” Lead Pastor, Sectional Presybter

“I am amazed at how NOT hungry I am when I eat healthy food in the right portions and get a little exercise. The LoseIt! app is great. Feeling successful today. Thanks FP Fitness Angels.” Lead Pastor

“Because of Fit Pastors encouragement I’ve lost 10 pounds so far. Thank you for keeping me accountable. I never thought coaches could help me online but it’s working!” Chaplain

“Thank you Fit Pastors for encouraging me, praying with me, and reminding me to find that my security and self worth are first found in God. I am a busy stay at home mommy of 3 who home schools. I was what you call a skinny fat person..looked ok in clothes but why lied underneath was not ok with me. Fit Pastors has helped so much, thank you for everything! I can do this and I m determined! This online course is awesome and so worth it!” Women’s Leader

“I’ve lost 14 pounds since I started with Fit Pastors back in September and had lost 9 lbs before that. I weighed 205 in September of 2012 and I’m down to 182. Praise God for 23! Slow and steady – let’s do this!” Executive Pastor

“Several people have commented on how watching or reading about me loosing and being committed is getting their attention. Everyone who knows me well, knows I drop 30 lbs. easily, and then put it right back on…no stay power in the loosing weight arena. And many are asking what I’m doing right. I tell them God first, my online coaches, the gym, and a desire to finally conquer this burden. I’ve had a chance to talk about diabetes with many people I know, and encourage them to get their blood sugar stable, exercise and stop playing Russian roulette. They’re listening!” Children’s Leader

“People are starting to ask me at work what I’m doing to loose weight. I tell them about accountability in loseit.com. I also mention the coaching I receive from Fit Pastors about eating like a king earlier in the day and like a pauper in the evening. As you can see I’m having trouble sleeping. It’s not because I’m hungry however.” Chaplain

“When people see results, they ask questions. I have talked a lot about the partnership of spiritual, mental and physical discipline. Fit Pastor’s training, encouragement and accountability have been huge! I’m focusing on toning and starting to run. I love the loseit app also. This lifestyle of exercise and eating healthy feels great!” Stay-at-Home Mom

“The medical staff I work with are commenting on my weight loss and say it’s good for the pts to see that we “walk the talk” in cardiac care!” Chaplain

“With thankfulness I report that my husband lost 30 pounds, and I lost 15 pounds. The Dr. gave him good reports in blood pressure, cholesterol, etc, also. This is a huge milestone for us. Fit Pastors you inspired and encouraged both of us. As far as celebration…I posted that he looks “hot”, but the conservative man that he is …made me take it delete it. lol” Women’s Leader

“So I have to go buy new jeans… they are all too big!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O) A friend of mine told me that they are all getting baggy! :O)” Business Leader

That moment when your hubby says he can see a difference & how proud he is of you”  ‪#‎makingprogress‬‪#‎boostofconfidence‬ ‪#‎worthit‬” Business Owner

“One of my students approached me in the hall and asked if I have been losing weight.  Why, yes, padawan. Yes, I have!” Bible College Professor

“Mexican food is my fav & one fast choice is Taco Casa. Well at work next week they are feeding faculty & staff for lunch Monday & Tuesday and they asked what I wanted. After looking up nutritional info online I declined. That’s a huge win for me!” Business Owner

 “No sugar for a week. Ordered the book Overcoming Sugar Addition. I’m on my way.” Hospital Chaplain

“Lost weight over thanksgiving! Boom!” Lead Pastor

“I successfully avoided the 4 pies, homemade cool whip, fudge and cookies at our Thanksgiving meal.” Bible College Professor

I hope as the year continues to progress you will find a tribe such as the one mentioned above.  It sure makes the road to health a little easier when others are with us.  If you’d like to join this tribe click here, reserve your spot in the FP Academy, and reclaim your health for the kingdom!  Whatever you do find a tribe.


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