[Pastor Interview] – “Don’t Wait Until You Have a Cardiac Arrest”

Lately I have talked to a handful of pastors that aren’t overweight and look healthy, but sadly aren’t.  They had the assumption that because they looked fit they were.  Wrong!

We sat down with Jason Yarbrough, who is one of the staff pastors of Real Life Church in Sacramento CA.  He shares with us his experience of collapsing dead in the church office!  His heart literally stopped beating!!!!  The major reason was beyond his control and was hereditary.  However, other reasons contributed and he shares why and what he has done to implement changes in his life.

Jason shares during this interview that he wasn’t:

  • getting enough sleep and rest
  • treating stress properly
  • fueling healthy
  • exercising

His own Lead Pastor Scott Hagan even made this quote,

“What????  He can’t die.  We don’t have anyone to take his place.  Jason does so much for us and the Kingdom!!!!”

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