[Pastor Spotlight] – Meet Paul Church

254436_2108681474516_5835598_nPaul, who is leads the charge at Dakota Ride Church in Littleton CO, literally defines a pastor on mission to reclaim his health for the kingdom.  I’ve personally known him for nearly three years now and he inspires me all the time.  I’ve had the honor of bagging 14’er mountains with him and I ate his dust finishing a Tough Mudder with him a couple of years ago.

I’ve watched him gradually build up his running miles and now he’s become a marathoner with eyes set on the Colfax Marathon in Denver this year!  He is a positive encourager to all the other pastors amongst the Fit Pastors face book group page and shares healthy recipes almost weekly.  Enough about my own words about Paul here’s some of his own:

“Since starting Fit Pastors, I’ve been eating smaller breakfasts and lunches and having a small healthy snack between meals. I stay satisfied longer. High protein has been key for me.”

“Goal #1 met! 200 pounds this morning! 13 pounds down since January 1st. Now I have 190 in my sights! Thanks to all of you for the motivation and encouragement!”

“Wanted to sleep in really bad. But got up at 5:00, went to the gym and swam 1000 meters. Beat the body into submission!”

“I finally moved the big weight on the scale today. I’m now in what the government calls a normal, healthy weight category. I haven’t seen the underside of 200 in a long time.  Be encouraged! I NEVER thought this would happen. It was always one of those impossible things no matter how hard I tried. I had resigned myself to never lose the extra weight until I joined Fit Pastors. Not stopping now!”

Paul is no different than you are.  He’s a busy pastor and a busy dad.  What is one thing you can do to become a fit pastor today?  You can do it just like Paul!

Posted by: Ricky Van Pay

Mail: PO Box 295, Waxahachie, TX 75167 Email: info@fitpastors.com Phone: 720-443-9141