There’s a Party Going on in the Fit Pastors Facebook Group

One of the perks of joining a coaching huddle is you automatically get added into our online community.  Yes we have a fan page that offers tons of articles, motivational pics. provide updates, etc.

However, we have a secret closed group on Facebook that provides pastors P.A.C.E.D.


You see our goal is to provide a safe place for pastors to get encouragement, prayer, and support from other pastors.  I love the online community because it allows us to be on the journey with pastors in the ups and downs of health.  It also allows pastors access to all of our professional coaches and experts that can help answer any questions that they might have along the way.

Today I went on the group page and just snatched some comments check them out:

Every time I drive by Krispy Kreme when the Hot Light is on, and pass on by I feel like I’ve achieved a small victory! ‪#‎justsaying‬

Pray for me. A deacon from Wisconsin just gave me like 5 pounds of cheese for Christmas.
If I’ve ever needed you, Lord, it’s now.

God is doing amazing things!!! I wish I could meet all of you– you inspire me! One day, I know we’ll rejoice over some healthy food at the King’s table!

My “get ready to run” breakfast of champions: oatmeal with blueberries, chia seeds, almond butter, and a little bit of raw local honey. What’s your breakfast today?

Had privilege to run 3m this morning with Mark Entzminger! So proud of his holistic approach to his journey! Love that we have guys like him in the A/G mecca!

This is a challenge on a personal note – If you have a family, go be active with them in some way today or tomorrow. As a family, we are participating in a 1 mile Jingle Bell Run tonight. Me, my wife, my 11 year old son, and 7 year old daughter. Being active and making memories!

Ran my first 10k ever this morning! 2014 12th Annual Katy YMCA Turkey Dash:
Crossed the Finish at 08:56 / Course time: 01:08:22 / Pace: 11:01 min/mi… I’ll get faster! Happy Thanksgiving!

Made it through Thanksgiving. Under calorie goal everyday by a considerable margin. Worked out every day thus far. Have completely leveled off on the scale though for two weeks. Anyway, I’ll just keep plugging away in the meantime.

There’s a party going on of pastors celebrating with each other as they move closer to reclaiming their health for the Kingdom.  Hope you’ll join the party soon?


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