Top 10 Reasons That Joining the Fit Pastors Academy is a No-Brainer


  1. You will have professional “Full Throttle Coaching” by three coaches in three different forms (watch, listen, read)
  2. You will have access to tons of bonus video interviews with pastors and coaches that will inspire you
  3. You will have unlimited “Save You the Time Air for Your Tires” motivation with blog links, tips, recipes, quotes, and you will receive a FREE Resource Trunk valued at over $750 upon completion of the course
  4. You will now have FITNESS ANGELS or Protectors of Your Health in your life that are called specifically to pastors
  5. You will have streamlined, targeted content, giving you DIRECTION thru the lens of a pastor and context of ministry
  6. You will join a new tribe, a COMMUNITY of pastors reclaiming their physical health for the kingdom community
  7. You will have the affordability of “Rev Your Engine“, quality, proven resources delivered conveniently in your inbox
  8. You will have weekly ACCOUNTABILITY & “Rubber Meets the Road” action steps to progress towards your goals
  9. You will have constant PRAYER & ENCOURAGEMENT from three pastors that have been there, done that, and still say US TOO in our own battles for health
  10. You will receive something completely unique in that there’s simply nothing else out there like this specific for pastors in their physical health

By: Ricky Van Pay

Mail: PO Box 295, Waxahachie, TX 75167 Email: Phone: 720-443-9141