Top 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Join the Fit Pastors Academy


  1. You don’t want to know about the four tires to keep aired up to keep your vehicle on the road to health
  2. You want to be a loner in your fitness journey, enjoy using food for comfort, and not interested in conquering
  3. You want to stay the same and don’t need any more accountability in your life
  4. You enjoy being unfit behind the pulpit, like how you look in a suit, and already possess credibility to speak on all areas
  5. You have tons of time to research the latest fitness info and already know everything about nutrition and exercise
  6. You’ve found another option that is streamlined for you as a pastor for physical health
  7. You already feel attractive to your spouse by conquering the nations #1 new years resolution…. losing weight
  8. You’ve got your sleep patterns, sabbath nailed down, and have tons of people praying and encouraging you to get healthy
  9. You don’t need professional coaching, have plenty of resources and already know everything about being healthy
  10. You’re not interested in hearing inspiring stories about other pastors that went from fat to fit

* If none of these reasons apply to you, then check out the upcoming Fit Pastors Academy you might want to click here to find out more details. You can also click here to watch the heart beat behind it or here to watch another video.  If you change your mind there’s space for you starting on January 8th.  If not enjoy your reasons.

Posted By: Ricky Van Pay

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