Why Superintendent Tim Barker, Scott Wilson-Lead Pastor Of The Oaks Fellowship, And Other Pastors Are Securing A Spot In The Fit Pastors Academy


I am going to be a part of the Fit Pastors Academy because I need to be healthy, energized, and prepared for the task required of me in 2014.  I need to be a better witness with my health and discipline.  I’m excited about the accountability and the encouragement I’ll receive from the coaches from Fit Pastors. I want to challenge the pastors and ministers of our district, to make 2014 our year for better health, growth, and development.” Tim Barker, Superintendent, South Texas District of the Assemblies of God

“Fit Pastors is an absolute Godsend to church leadership. The coaching team has encouraged me in my own efforts to stay fit and I can’t wait to be apart of their Fit Pastors Academy.  So many church leaders are busy taking care of other people and do nothing to take care of themselves.  The coaches at Fit Pastors know this is can lead to short-lived effectiveness in ministry. I’m so glad God has called them, whom have come through this same struggle, to minister to ministers. It’s about time this topic has come out from the shadows.

I have had one of the coaches speak at my church. Several of our members have made lifestyle changes as a result of this ministry. Hundreds of pounds have been lost throughout our congregation. Pastors, invite them to your church, you’ll be challenged and encouraged at the same time.” Paul Church, Lead Pastor, Dakota Ridge Church

“The potential for life change increases exponentially when knowledge, desire, and accountability meet.  Fit Pastors has gotten me “unstuck” and got me moving in the right direction.  We as pastors can many times invest in everyone else except ourselves thinking we’re being selfless servants. However, if we don’t invest in ourselves we will not be able to go the distance. Investing in yourself is an investment in others: your family, your friends, and your church. Take care of yourself so you can taker care of others.” Nathan Rouse, Lead Pastor, Radiant Church

“I love what Fit Pastors is doing. They are extending the influence and ministry of our spiritual leaders. So many pastors run a quick sprint and fizzle out. That’s a tragedy. We need them for the long-haul and that’s what Fit Pastors is doing. If you are hoping to have a long-haul ministry and influence people for a lifetime, making sure your body is prepared for the journey is a no-brainer. The Fit Pastors team can help you get on track.” Kevin Colon, Missio Network

Church leaders spend so much of their time, energy and passion caring for the well being of others, so it is exciting to have a program and tool that is investing in the well being of pastors. The positive effect that physical wellness can have on a pastor, extends beyond the individual or his or her family, it models and inspires holistic living to the church. The role that physical health plays in spiritual, relational, and emotional health is undeniable. I encourage every pastor to consider what it looks like for them model the courage to live healthier and more fully to their family, their church, and their community.” Paul Hurckman, Venture Expeditions

“I’m going to be a part of Fit Pastors because I want to learn how to develop healthy routines for my life that are sustainable.” Scott Wilson, Lead Pastor, The Oaks Fellowship

“I believe pastors being physically fit is an important facet of ministry. It improves health, increases energy level, elevates self image, adds to credibility, and provides a good example. I recommend Fit Pastors as an effective avenue to improve health and fitness.” Don Steiger, Superintendent, Rocky Mountain District of the Assemblies of God

“I am excited about Fit Pastors and its potential to help pastors.  It is a ministry that keeps the ministry “well” fuller.” As I study, lead, write, have meetings, counsel, teach, spend time with family and friends, exercise … I am expending my limited energy resources. Fit Pastors helps remind me that God has designed me in such a way that I am responsible for replenishing the “well.  As a leader we need leaders to keep us on track. Fit Pastors keeps us out front physically so we can be more creative about spiritual leadership.  In order to change we must be sick and tired of being sick and tired.  That is why I recommend pastors to check this out and get involved in Fit Pastors.” Steve Lummer, Lead Pastor, Discovery Church

As a Lead Pastor, what Fit Pastors has to offer is almost impossible to convey with words. You just have to join to experience the benefits. Let me explain.

1.  The coaches are sharp and very intuitive when it comes to fitness. They don’t treat you like a product.  They want to know your heart and you as a person. It’s more than getting fit physically… it’s a relationship that will outlast the program and personal goals. Fit Pastors is a must for every pastor.

2.  Every Lead Pastor is under a constant battle to overcome rejection, be misunderstood, and level 10 pressure.  The coaches help you dig deep and which leaves no excuses to the poor decisions we as pastors make when it comes to our eating habits. If you want easy don’t even think about signing up. If you want reality, boom, these coaches are legit.

3. The Fit Pastors coaching team are full of God’s grace and walking in obedience. The passion they have through a computer screen is ridiculous.  Every time I am at a donut shop (i know don’t judge me), or at a restaurant and at a crossroads of making healthy decisions…  the Fit Pastors coaches and their lessons come to mind.

4. Pastors, we need to LEAD in this area. There are many programs out there.  Some great…others scam. I will save you the trouble and tell you that Fit Pastors is the real thing. And it’s cheap!”  Marcus Avalos, Lead Pastor, Crossroads Church 

“I am going to be a part of Fit Pastors Academy, because I know that food has become a stronghold in my life.  I hate to admit that, but I know it’s true.  It’s become my way of dealing with stress, and too often I eat for fun instead of fuel.  I’m tired of this being an issue in my life, and I truly feel that this is the year it will be conquered.  Here is the problem.  I have known what to do in the past, but I think I had no on-going accountability.  I know that Fit Pastors Academy is going to deal with the whole person, and I can’t express enough how important this is for pastors.  Ministry is challenging enough without adding health issues on top of it.  I’m also looking forward to the community with other pastors and being able to celebrate our successes together.  I can’t wait to get started!”  Richard Norris, Lead Pastor at Eaglepointe Church, Denton, TX 

Need we say more?  You’ve heard it from your own tribal men.  These pastors are in pursuit to reclaim their physical health for the Kingdom, what about you?  Remember, this is streamlined with the pastor or church leader in mind, but it’s open to ANYONE needing or wanting to get healthier.  Here’s the ten reasons that joining the Fit Pastors Academy is a no brainer.  

You can read more about the details of Fit Pastors Academy here or watch this Q & A video here.  There’s simply nothing else like this for pastors and church leaders for physical health.

Posted By: Ricky Van Pay

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