[Pastor Spotlight] – Meet Michael Fleming

179420_10151375673571437_1664373141_nMeet Pastor Michael Fleming who is becoming a Fit Pastor.  He leads Whitehouse First Assembly near Tyler Texas.

Michael signed up this past January for the Fit Pastors Academy and has dropped over 20 pounds!  This past weekend he participated and finished an Olympic-distance triathlon!  Here’s some quotes from himself,

Down 4 pounds. Already scheduled a Church Daniel Fast starting tomorrow. So that plus Olympic triathlon training will be tough. I’m usually really tired during those 21 days. I will be doing whey protein with almond milk twice a day to get more protein.  Fruits. Veggies. Whole grains. No meat. No dairy. No sugar. No white flour.”

“For lunch today I had whole wheat pasta, marinara, and grilled veggies. Carrots and hummus.”

“Welcomed back an old friend to my life this am. We have been estranged for way too long and I’ve really missed him. But never again will he leave my life. Welcome back the #1 as the first number in my weight!  Welcome back my friend! #fitpastors #health #20down20togo

I’m so proud of my friend who is busy like any other pastor, has small kids, but has CHOSEN to get fit behind the pulpit!  How about you?  Are you choosing a healthy lifestyle in the context of ministry?  If not what’s your reason?  Pastor Michael would tell you it is so worth it!

If we can help come alongside you in anyway please contact us here and we can point you to some personal coaching programs as well as the online course that is making such a difference in so many pastor’s lives!

Mail: PO Box 295, Waxahachie, TX 75167 Email: info@fitpastors.com Phone: 720-443-9141