[Pastor Story] Are You Struggling to Button Your Suit Coat?

IMG_1677I still remember it like it was yesterday.  It was a typical Sunday, or I thought it was, morning in 2004 which led to the routine of putting on my suit.  Ah suits.  Aren’t the majority of us glad they’ve been replaced with a collared shirt and jeans?  Sorry rabbit trail back to my story.

As I was pulling the sides of my suit coat together I reached a limit.  Better yet a reality.  I was trying to button up my coat and my third one failed.  There wasn’t enough coat to cover my pastoral gut.  I’ll never forget the conviction I felt as I looked with shame into the mirror on that life-changing Sunday morning.  I decided to make a change.

My friend Brian Galbraith who is the Pastoral Care pastor at The Oaks Fellowship in Dallas, Texas recently had that realization recently.  Here’s his own words,

“I’ve been a little frustrated the past couple of weeks because I can’t seem to break through a weight loss plateau that I’m stuck at. I was encouraged this past weekend when I was able to button my suit for the first time in a long time. The above was picture taken at a wedding in March and shows how far I have come. One work out at a time!!!”

IMG_9353I’m deeply proud of Brian because he recently opted into our staff wellness program at the church.  He’s been one of the most consistent pastors on staff showing up day in and day out, despite numerous funerals he’s led, at 6am to get his workouts in with his coach Json Alexander and fellow pastor Kelvin Co.  He’s dropped over 16 pounds in the last two months!

His coach Jason Alexander pictured on the left said this of Brian,

“Brian has maniacal focus.  He doesn’t know the word can’t.  He’s developing habits and he’s hungry for results.  He’s being such an example!

I talked to his daughter Emily at church this past Sunday and her face lit up with admiration to her Dad that has taken steps to care for himself, thus showing his love for her and the rest of his family.

I recently asked Brian about his progress and he added this,

“I only missed a handful of workouts this past month, and I even worked out while staying at a hotel for a conference. I have seem my reps and weights increase. Huge win = At the start of the month I was only able to do 1 or 2 assisted pull ups – at my last work out I was able to do 28 of my 50 pull-ups on the assisted machine.”

So how about you pastor?  Are you struggling to button your coat?  Are you feeling the pain of not feeling confident?  Do you want to be more of an example to your family?  Is it time to start taking care of yourself?  We can help you.  Click on the image below to start your journey with us!


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