The Importance of The First Pound

a-pound-of-fat-header-lgby Shawn Reine


We hear it all the time… In almost defeated tones… “I only lost one pound”… Are you kidding me!!!! Do you realize the importance and significance of losing ONE pound? Especially when it is your first pound.


When you lose your first pound you have “turned the tide” you have reversed the course you were headed.  You went from gaining to losing and are now headed on a path that leads to health and fitness.


Anytime you get discouraged about “only losing one pound”, head to your local supermarket and pick up a pound of ground meat.  THAT is what you lost out of your body.  The significance of that pound results in less stress on your body, your heart and an improvment of your self image!


Listen, the easy thing is to do nothing, and by doing nothing the pounds begin to add up.  I know, because thats how it happened for me.  Year after year, pound after pound, and before I realized it I had gained over 40 pounds in just 5 years.


Its time to turn the tide! Its time recognize the importance of losing the first pound! Its time to stop doing nothing.  Its time to let Fit Pastors help you make all of these things a reality!


Listen to a few quotes from people who have just started this journey with Fit Pastors and their excitement of not only losing their first pound but many more in just a few weeks…


“I have been using the Lose it app every day like you said.  I’m down 6 pounds so far just watching what I eat!  I appreciate the encouragement I get from you guys.


“I got to purchase my first workout jacket in the “regular size” clothes section. Thank you for what you guys do.”


 “Thanks for the prayers and encouragement. Looking forward to becoming more like who God created me to be.”


 “I have been doing amazing with working out and eating right.  As of this morning I am about 20 pounds down! Feeling awesome!”


 “I have enjoyed the modules and videos. I have lost 10 pounds in two weeks. I like the lose it app but I don’t like it it at the same time haha.”


 “As of this morning I am down 28 pounds since I started just 6 weeks ago.. I’m pretty excited”


 “Things are going pretty well. I have slacked watching the modules, but I am really watching what I eat and exercising some. I’ve lost 10 pounds since we’ve been going.”


 “Thanks so much for the encouragement!  I am absolutely blown away by the support of the Fit Pastors coaches!  You guys make this journey so much easier than doing it alone!”


These are people just like you.  People who have recognized their need to change and the importance of losing that first pound.  How about you?  Are you ready? Join the revolution of pastors and leaders who are reclaiming their fitness and physical health.  Click here to find out how Fit Pastors can help you lose that FIRST pound!

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