Success Stories and Testimonials

We are honored to work with a multitude of pastors and churches from all over the nation – big churches and small churches, rural churches and urban churches, denominational churches and non-denominational churches. And we’re honored to help unfit pastors and churches get fit. Here are just a few of the comments we’ve received.

Fit Pastors Academy – We help unfit pastors get fit.

Just wanted to share a couple of photos with you! The youth pastors have nick named me “Half Lee”! I love it. I am so glad I took the first steps in contacting Fit Pastors. The process of accountability and encouragement has made a huge difference. I took 8 inches off my waistline and shed 68 pounds. I am well on my way to making this a life long decision rather than a fad diet. I feel so much better and look better too! My overall health is so far above what it was just 4 months ago! Enjoy the pics of your success – thanks for cheering me on!!

– Lee Terry, District Youth Director, Rocky Mountain

You can click here for Lee’s before/after picture or click here to watch his interview.

I was a part of the Fit Pastors Academy earlier in 2013! The program helped coach me to a healthier lifestyle! Through practical tips, encouragement, challenges, and prayer support I for the first time took my health and well being seriously and am grateful for it! I hit my goal! Thank you for being the catalyst for lifestyle change!

– John Jay Wilson, Director of Leadership Networks, Church Multiplication Network

Just finished the Fit Pastors Academy. I learned the importance of my health and the reminder to change before you have too. I learned the importance of portion control and the captivity to say no. Finally, the greatest thing I learned again is the power of accountability. We all need accountability in our lives in every area. Food addicted people need accountability as well.

– Kevin Ward, Lead Pastor, Central Assembly

Fit Pastors Weekly – We help unfit individuals get fit.

I just have to say how awesome my first week has been! I am feeling so motivated, accomplished and encouraged! The Fit Pastors Weekly online subscription is just what I needed! Having been on my journey to health the past 2 years, I have gained so much knowledge but without the accountability to apply all I have learned, it ends up being knowledge and that’s all. They say knowledge is power but I say there’s no power if you don’t use the knowledge you have gained! This program has afforded me the accountability needed to apply what I have learned without having to schedule in another meeting….I have a very busy life so having the accountability via email, text & social media is awesome! It helps so much to know that Fit Pastors are there, just a message or post away. Thank you so much for taking this journey with me and with God’s help I will continue to grow into the woman He designed me to be, body, mind & spirit!

– Deniese Geery, Owner of Geery Construction

I can sum up my experience with Fit Pastors in two words: focus and results. When I first was introduced to Fit Pastors I was out of shape and way overweight. I had started and stopped workout regimens more times than I care to count, and had decided that I would give it one more shot. I thought that a fitness coach may make me more effective, and hopefully help me stick with the program a bit longer. The coach saw it very differently. He made it his mission to help me become healthier. Not only did he work to develop better workout habits, but also better eating and rest habits as well. Fitness requires a lifestyle; one of good choices and consistency. Fit Pastors helped me understand that a healthy life is more of a marathon than a sprint.

– Jeff Boatman, CTO of Global Client Solutions

I had motivation and worked out a little, but didn’t know how to combine the right exercises with the right diet in order to see results. In just a few short weeks, I started seeing results. Since March I have dropped 13 lbs. and 2-3 inches all over my body. I went from a size 9 to a size 3. My goal was not to be “skinny”. My goal was to be fit and athletic with more energy. I’m a busy mommy of 3 young children, I home school, I help my husband with his business, and I’m active at church. The Fit Pastors Weekly subscription helped tremendously. With their guidance, encouragement and accountability I did it. I live a healthy lifestyle that is being passed down to my kids. I want to live a long time by eating healthy and exercising.

– Shara Marhofer, Housewife and Mommy
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