An Essential Tool in a Pastors Health Belt

tool-beltPosted by: Ricky Van Pay

I was recently listening to an incredible message my older brother John preached and he was talking finances.  He said, “When someone walks up to me with financial problems, I ask one question.  Do you have a budget?”.

I’ve got to ask you the same question today pastors… Do you have a budget?  I’m not talking finances.  I’m talking calories.  The rule of thumb is simple that if you insert more calories into your mouth than needed it will increase the number on the scale.

When I’m coaching pastors one-on-one via Skype, texts, emails, calls, or whatever I highly recommend them use a calorie-tracking tool.  I highly recommend apps like Lose It or My Fitness Pal.  If you’re not a tech guy I’ve had pastors pull out a notebook and write in a food journal.  Whatever floats your boat.  Just keep track.

If you don’t it’s like me going to an REI garage sale with a wad of cash.  I start grabbing every little product that has an X on it and throw it in my bag.  Before long I’ve not kept track and even though this stuff is dirt cheap and I know I’m getting a deal it adds up fast.  I have to go in with a budget so I don’t go in debt.  Need I go on?  I know you walk into the restaurant and your drooling over that juicy cheeseburger or chicken fried steak.  Stop and enter that into your tool and you’ll have a boom moment!

Here’s the deal.  Pastors that are shedding weight aren’t necessarily training for a marathon or hitting the gym for 2 hours every day, although that helps tremendously.  Most are focusing on their nutrition and tracking calories.  When one is in a slump, fallen off the wagon, or hit a weight loss wall guess what I normally ask?  Are you entering into your tool?  Are you tracking your calories?

What can you do to begin tracking your calories?  I challenge you to download one of the apps mentioned or grab a cheap food journal.  You’ll be blown away at what you see.  Praying for you.  You got this!  If you need personal help I’m only a message away.  Cheering you on!

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