The Call to Repent of Gluttony – Guest Blog by Emily Boller


I’m convinced that many in the medical industries and religious communities are not so

much into healthcare and healing per se, but disease and resulting crisis management.

Although they mean well, they don’t blink an eye or flinch a muscle at serving their

patients and/or parishioners the Deadly American Diet.

The Standard American Diet is too congenial of a work to describe what it really is.

From now on I will always refer to it as the Deadly American Diet. It’s standard,

because everyone is eating it, but deadly.

After interacting with literally hundreds, if not thousands of people addicted to the

Deadly American Diet all over this nation (and beyond) over the past five years, I am

convinced that gluttony is taking this nation under like termites secretly eating away the

foundation of a house.

Gluttony is a destructive habit that robs one of optimal health, joy, and finances; and even

robs some of relationships, marriages, and careers – just to name a few.

I, personally, have been an active participant in gluttony and have experienced its

destruction first-hand, and no one can convince me otherwise.

I’ve also attended church for the majority of my life since birth; yet, I’ve never once

heard a message concerning its devastating destruction. (Although I’ve heard plenty

of sermons on the sanctity of life, abortion, sexual purity, pornography, homosexuality,

gossip, holiness, faithfulness in marriage, tithing, financial stewardship, and the like.)

However, years ago I did hear Rev. Leonard Ravenhill state via a phone conversation that

gluttony was the acceptable sin of the American Church.

Christian theologian, professor, speaker, radio host, and author, Dr. Michael Brown,

wrote a book many years ago titled, The End of the American Gospel Enterprise. (The

foreword to the book was written by Rev. Ravenhill)

After re-reading it recently, combined with the scientific and experiential knowledge that

I’ve gleaned over the past five years, page 17 of Dr. Brown’s book jumped out: “If we do

not destroy sin, sin will destroy us. If we do not subdue the flesh, the flesh will subdue us.

Remember King Saul. It was the Amalekites that he failed to wipe out. (I Samuel 15) It

was an Amalekite that put him to death. (II Samuel 1)”

In other words, more specifically to those of us who struggle with addiction to the Deadly

American Diet, emotional eating, and/or recreational overeating . . . if we do not destroy

gluttony, gluttony will destroy us. If we do not subdue addictive cravings of the flesh,

the cravings will subdue us.

The change of one is a transformation.

The change of many is a revolution.

Anyone want to join me in a revolution of repentance, a turning away from the sin of

gluttony, and turn our heart and passions fully towards God instead?

[Image credit: Joan of Arc in Battle; oil on canvas; circa 1843 by Hermann Anton Stike]


Emily Boller lost 100 lbs in 2008-2009. Soon afterwards she became

an inspirational author for Disease Proof, the official blog of board certified family

physician, and one of the nation’s leading nutritional experts, Joel Fuhrman, M.D. She’s

appeared on The Dr. Oz Show, and has also been a frequent motivational speaker for

many health retreats and getaways around the country; specializing in helping those

addicted to the Deadly American Diet get set free. Her desire now is to see the Church

of Jesus Christ lead the way in setting captives free from food addiction, and lead the

way in optimal health and healing. She and her husband, Kurt, are members of First

Assembly of God in Fort Wayne, Indiana.guy

Mail: PO Box 295, Waxahachie, TX 75167 Email: Phone: 720-443-9141