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Challenging the Body of Christ to Get Fit.

The problem in church culture is there’s minimal to no emphasis on physical health.

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Listen to how Lead Pastor Marcus Avalos from Crossroads Church puts it:

We recently had the Fit Pastors team come to Crossroads Church and speak to our congregation regarding “Your Body Matters” and had a coaching clinic on Sunday evening. In our area of Seguin, TX where obesity is ranked 7th in the nation, it would be irresponsible for me not to address this subject in a scriptural and sensitive manner. Therefore, the team from Fit Pastors were the ones God would use to help us launch this subject with authority and care. Their delivery on Sunday morning was scripturally sound, and very palatable for every age group. Their personal story made this attainable for me personally. “One telephone pole at a time”. That, I can do and many others in our congregation have begun this journey with our staff. I recommend Fit Pastors to come to your church and speak on this vital subject. They are sound, sensitive, and when you take the time and meet them, they are very serious about their mission.

We talk about everything else but we hardly ever hear teaching from a platform or pulpit in any church about the importance of the body.

Hear what Lead Pastor John Van Pay from Gateway Fellowship says about it:

The investment Fit Pastors made into our Gateway family will help us make a greater Kingdom impact in our community because we will be healthier. I also believe so many of our church family will live longer and have a greater quality of life. Thank you Fit Pastors for customizing a plan that fits us. Your teaching was the kick in the pants and encouragement we all need to hear! No one talks about this stuff, but should. I’m grateful you guys are that voice. The clinic was practical. The individual consultations will be a catalyst for their healthy lifestyle.

Check out what Lead Pastor Eric Young from Real Life Church says as well:

For a topic that is very sensitive to discuss in this world and is almost never talked about in churches. I was very impressed how the team from Fit Pastors loved on our church in the area of fitness. To quote a member of our church…it was like we had “Jesus with a shaved head” speak to us about this touchy subject. They did not judge or make anyone feel out of place…instead they gave scripture and allowed it to gently speak to our hearts. Fit Pastors has helped Real Life Church take a step closer in becoming a church that yearns for God in ALL areas of our lives. Pastors, I challenge you to do the same.

Did you know that America is the most obese nation in the world? A 2006 Purdue Study found that 30% of baptists 22% of pentecostals are obese compared to about 1% of Jews and 0.7% of Hindus and Buddhists.

Right now if you were to do a poll within your church what would the rating of high blood pressure and high cholesterol be like? Does your church “bodies” have the energy and physical health to fulfill the church’s vision for your community for the long-haul? What if there was a way to change that? What if there was a way to express your concern and love your church enough to help them.

Lead Pastor David Goerzen from Parker Christian Center decided to do so by having us come in. Listen to what he says:


We had one of the coaches from Fit Pastors team speak to our congregation about “Loving the Lord with all of your strength/body.” We heard one of the most important messages that can be preached in our culture. You can talk to them about doing a clinic for your church that addresses the needs of physical fitness, etc. Pastors, you can trust the Fit Pastors team to come in and treat the pulpit with integrity and teach on a sensitive topic with passion and biblical truth, all without condemnation. They were very pastoral as they effectively challenged our church and touched us all with their stories, humor, use of scripture, and practical ways to “love God with our strength/body” The congregation clapped when they were done. They really connected with ALL of our folks. I’m grateful Fit Pastors brought their passion for God and the body of Christ to us.

We think there’s a solution. The sad part is most people sitting in the pew don’t have memberships to gyms and don’t have the finances to hire a fitness coach. What if you hired a fitness consultant to come in? Think about it… For years we’ve had marriage counselors and financial advisors available, but what about fitness consultants? Is the physical health of the sheep less important than their marriage or finances? One of the solutions we’d like to offer you is a church campaign that can be tailor-made for your church.

That’s what Lead Pastor John Bates of Freedom Fellowship Int. did:

Recently part of the team from Fit Pastors shared their testimony with our congregation. They seamlessly fit into a series entitled “Just Breathe…”. The first week’s theme dealt with the mind, the second touched on the soul, and then they shared on the body in week three. This is usually a tough subject to broach but they handled it with aplomb. Sharing their own past struggles with weight, including pictures, put everyone at ease. There was no condemnation as they lovingly shared God’s concern for our bodies so that we can fulfill their purpose for our lives. Many of our members and adherents met for personal consultations and gave glowing reports. A Sunday afternoon clinic proved to be a wise choice as witnessed by the healthy attendance. Two groups have since formed that are putting Fit Pastors principles to work. If you need an inspirational message for your church that has strong scriptural backing, then you would benefit from Fit Pastors. Their team is extremely easy to work with and will eagerly make themselves amenable to your people. We look forward to their return to Freedom Fellowship

We offer different packages and options to fit your church needs. The key to a campaign can’t be just a one week fling, but it has to be intentional about setting up ongoing opportunities for people in your church to get help. Remember if your church is going to get fit, your leaders must first be leading the charge. We highly recommend you as a pastor go through our Fit Pastors Academy first before you schedule a campaign. Listen to what one Lead Pastor said about this:

Interested in a church campaign? Watch our token message “Your Body Matters” here to get a taste of the teaching content. How about getting missions credit for helping your church become more physically healthy? How about an adrenaline shot of physical health for your church?

Check out what Lead Pastor Keenan Roberts of New Destiny Christian Center says:

Pastors & Leaders, if you want a 5-star day of ministry at your church, you must have the team from come speak and encourage your people! Their impact at New Destiny was dynamic! Your people will be stirred by their challenge to make better health & fitness decisions, and they will deliver that message with the perfect combination of Scripture, gentleness, personality as well as personal experience. They are certainly pioneers as they carry this critical “life-giving” message to pastors and churches. We are proud to support them in prayer, finances, and access to our people! I encourage you to do the same!

Want to lead the charge and set the example? Contact us hereif you’re interested in having one of our coaches come speak at your church.

Lead Pastor Steve Crowder of Highway Community took us up on it and listen to what he had to say about his experience:

In sixteen years of pastoring, I have yet to hear a message so balanced and so filled with grace on the topic of physical fitness then when we hosted team during a Sunday morning service. Our members were challenged in a new way to care for their “temple” while not not swinging too far into the ditch as some do toward self-worship. I value the experiential knowledge that was conveyed by and look forward to the next time they get to come speak to our church.

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