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I was a part of this earlier in 2013! Fit Pastors helped coach me to a healthier lifestyle! Through practical tips, encouragement, challenges, and prayer support I for the first time took my health and well-being seriously and am grateful for it! I hit my goal! Thank you Fit Pastors for being the catalyst for lifestyle change!

– John Jay Wilson, Director of Leadership Networks at Church Multiplication Network

What is Fit Pastors Academy and What Do I Get?

You can get Fit Pastors Academy, a program to get you physically healthy with professional coaching, done for you resources, and real life examples. It’s delivered in twelve modules of coaching.

Each module comes with a coaching video, listening guide and an eBook so you can have as a reference for your life-long fitness journey. Whether you want to listen, watch or read, we make it easy for you. Just keep in mind that you will be challenged to apply the content with action steps that we will provide to help you take steps to get fit.

In addition to the twelve modules of coaching, you will receive a weekly email to help you get P.A.C.E.D. to keep your vehicle on the road to health so you can fulfill your calling with energy, longevity, confidence, and credibility. This email will give you access to tons of FREE RESOURCES including tons of blog article links, motivational images and quotes, book notes, and a favorite of ours… stories from pastors getting fit.

This step-by-step, follow-along, self-paced fitness coaching program will give you the professional direction and quality tools and resources you need to get fit for the Kingdom. You get how-to coaching, ready-to-use resources, and real world examples to help you get fit to lead in all areas of your life… including the church.

For a detailed breakdown of each module, click here.

If you’re wondering if you’ll learn anything new, check out what Lead Pastor Jack Hunt from Christ Church West says…

My fitness journey began in 2007 at a whopping 353 pounds. This past spring, at 297 I was ready for a “shot-in-the-arm” to kick off 2013. Fit Pastors provided great information, challenging accountability and allowed me, a guy who at 40 thought he’d heard it all, a chance to learn a thing or two (or three, four, and so on). You, your family, and those you lead need you at your best; Fit Pastors can help you get there.

– Jack Hunt

Got a Question?

Here are the most common questions about Fit Pastors Academy.

Q: How Much Will This Cost?

This type of program typically costs thousands of dollars. The amount of coaching that’s in the program is worth over $2199. Why? Because you’re cutting through the clutter and chaos and getting instant access to proven physical health tactics and strategies ALL FROM BIBLE-BASED PERSPECTIVE which is almost non-existent in culture today. We believe every pastor, church leader, or individual in any church should get access to this professional coaching program, so we’ve made it as affordable as possible.

Invest a ridiculously affordable price of $100 into your physical health so you could have more credibility, energy, and longevity to fulfill your calling.

It is only 1 payment of only $100 to access all the coaching materials, ready-to-use resources, real world examples and bonuses. We see this as a smart investment in you or your church.

Q: What If I Don’t Have $100?

Coaching is a good investment, not just an expense. Statistics show that professional coaching is one of the best ways to get healthy, not just to lose weight, but develop lifestyle habits. Did you now that for every ten pounds you are overweight that’s one year off your life span? So, if $100 helps you get fit, lose some weight, then consider it an investment in your time on planet earth not an expense. Plus, if you don’t think it has helped you develop new habits than we will give you your money back.

Perhaps your church would sponsor you to get healthier. If you don’t have your physical health they don’t have their pastor. You might think about dipping into a personal development line item it’s worth it. It might be worth not going off to an upcoming seminar and do this.

Q: Do I Have to Attend Anything?

No. Everything is delivered through our online portal system, so you learn at your own pace. You’ll be guided through the teaching, coaching, and resources, but you decide when and where you learn.

Q: How Long Do I Have Access to the Materials?

Forever. We believe you should get access to the modules you pay for as long as you’d like. Once you’re through the trial, the material is yours for as long as you need it. Just do us a favor and commit to integrity by not sharing as we’ve worked tirelessly to put all this together just for you. Plus we usually put value on things that cost us.

Q: What If I’m Not a Pastor?

The program is not a silver bullet, but it’s a system that if worked, will lead to results. We have individuals and churches increase their results by using the principles in this program – just check out the stories all over this page. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pastor, missionary, church planter, district leader, stay-at-home parent, businessman, construction worker, secretary, or just someone wanting to get healthy for the Kingdom. Pastors and churches of all shapes and sizes – rural, urban, young, old, small and large – are using the Fit Pastors Academy coaching program to find success. We help pastors just like you all the time! Fit Pastors Academy will work for you!

Q: What Exactly Do I Get With the Fit Pastors Academy?

You Get…

  • the complete Fit Pastors Academy coaching program with twelve videos, twelve eBooks, and twelve video listening guides. (Value $1449)
  • access to our resource vault with tons of FREE downloads and resources for you to use immediately. (Value $750)
  • a total of $2199 worth of material and services, for only $100 (that’s absolutely crazy, but tells you how much we believe in helping individuals, pastors, and churches get fit)
  • Ready-to-use resources that will help you get fit to lead for the Kingdom

Q. How Is Everything Delivered to Me?

You’ll receive an email with a unique login and password to access the files in our custom portal. You access everything online.

Lead Pastor Will Jenkins of Alva First Assembly IMAGINED and look what happened…

If you’re a pastor or staff member, you need to check this out. That is unless you already do triathlons, marathons, or are a health nut in general. Even then, you should check it out! I did. I loved it. I’m down almost 30 pounds since April. Do it. You’ll be glad you did.

Will Jenkins


  • Being able to get fit for the Kingdom to be able to fulfill your calling
  • Not worrying about your next doctor’s visit
  • Gaining the credibility to reach all kinds of people including soldiers, athletes, and those that value fitness
  • Not having to research out articles or try and develop your own fitness plan from scratch
  • Developing self-control and self-discipline like you’ve always wanted so you could actually preach on it with integrity
  • Having far more energy to fulfill your weekly ministry responsibilities and not be sick as often
  • Acquiring a new level of self-esteem and confidence as you take the pulpit to deliver your message
  • Being around to see your grandchildren get married
  • Being more attractive to your spouse
  • Having a self-respect in the fact that you are now fit to lead in all areas of your ministry
  • Sleeping better
  • Learning how to lose weight without extremes avoiding a vicious cycle year-after-year

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