Iron Rev Program

Three Pastors. One Year. One Goal.

The hardest roads in life, lead to the greatest destinations.

You can be a husband. You can be a dad. You can be a pastor. You can plant churches. You can reach your whole community. You can have an influential position. You can be an incredible leader… but if you don’t have your physical health you can’t be any of that.

– Ricky Van Pay

One of our greatest passions and callings is to help ministers that are unfit become fit. Why? So many reasons… One of those reasons is so they can get their lives back, to be around as long as possible with energy to impact the Kingdom! During 2013 we were so thankful that we were able to provide some coaching programs that were very effective and helped many ministers. However, we began praying and dreaming of a greater way to help those that truly need greater transformation such as losing over 100 pounds. As a result, the Iron Rev program has been birthed from our heart and hopefully will become a life-changer for those that get to be a part.

The Iron Rev is our chance to take our experiences of growing up in the church, becoming one ourselves, losing weight the hard way, getting involved in triathlons, gaining multiple coaching certifications, and imparting that knowledge into other “Rev’s” such as lead pastors, worship pastors, youth pastors, children’s pastors, missionaries, chaplains, and denominational leaders. It’s our way to leave a mark and keep our “Rev’s” on the road to health so they can fulfill their God-given mandates for the Kingdom!

The Iron Rev is a huge commitment for you as well as ourselves. It’s one year of intensive focus, accountability, and determination of reclaiming your health for the Kingdom. The program is designed for any minister that needs an absolute physical health transformation. It’s for those that have tried everything and need to go to another level possibly losing over 100 pounds. Are you ready to get your physical life back? We’re looking for a select few that don’t just need this, but want this… badly. We’ve provided some details below and invite you to take a few minutes to find out more about this truly unique opportunity.

About The Iron Rev Program

The Iron Rev name combines the Iron mentality we have from being an Ironman, scripture “iron sharpens iron” with the position of being in ministry. Our tag line of getting fit behind the pulpit exists to create awareness again for the position of being a reverend and our quest to help you gain back influence, credibility, and leadership in this area of your life. We don’t want this area to subtract from your ability to lead in all areas.

Dates: Jan 1 – Dec 31, 2015
Application Deadline: September 30, 2014
Open Spots: 8

If you’re interested in life transformation we invite you to shoot us an email and we will respond back by sending you a information packet with all the nuts and bolts. If you decide to take a step further we will require you to send us a letter explaining why you want to become an Iron Rev and why you should be one of the selected few to be chosen. We will read over them, pray over them, and discern based on greatest need and greatest desire. There’s only 8 limited spots for 2015. Will you be one of them? One of the perks is an expedition to Colorado to climb a 14’er mountain as a metaphor for your life, with the Fit Pastors coaching team!

Until then read our current 2014 Iron Rev’s bio’s and follow their updates here.

Mail: PO Box 295, Waxahachie, TX 75167 Email: Phone: 720-443-9141