Iron Rev – Rachel Ross

Rachel Ross has been the Lead Pastor of The Assembly in Jackson, Michigan for over 10 years. She and her husband Mitch have 3 children together. She graduated from Central Bible College in Springfield, MO and grew up in MI. She’s also one of just a handful of female Lead Pastors within the Assemblies of God denomination. Read below her powerful comments about her current journey to health within the Iron Rev program.

Self deception is a terrible thing. Maybe you are like me. Do you try to eat whole foods, stay away from fast food joints, rarely have seconds and yet still manage to put on 2-5 pounds a year?

A lot of us can eat pretty “normally”, put on 5 pounds a year, and not think that we have a problem. The problem is that after 10 or 20 years you are looking at 50, 100, or more pounds on your body. We begin to get into agreement with lies. They sound something like this, “Maybe I just don’t have “skinny” genes and this is what life looks like for people like me?” or “I don’t binge, I don’t eat whole pizzas, and gallons of ice cream… so I don’t have a problem.”

But 40, 50, or 100 pounds of extra weight on your body is a problem… it’s a big problem! And if we knew how or were able to solve this problem on our own, we would have done it by now.

Don’t be deceived… your life is precious and if you don’t get this thing in reverse, this problem will be the when, how, and why you die.

Let Fit Pastors and more specifically the Iron Rev program give you the tools you need to put truth to the lie that our weight problem is inevitable, inconsequential, or okay.

– Pastor Rachel Ross

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