Staff Wellness Programs

A Team Health Program that Works.

Are your church leaders fit to lead? Is their physical health at a healthy condition to fulfill the mission of your church?

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One pastor mentioned to us,

Perhaps more staff teams ought to stop spending money and going to conferences and use those resources on getting fit. They might actually live long enough to live out those leadership principles.

Yikes! But could it be so true? You might offer your leaders a free membership to a gym, that’s sweet, but that doesn’t count. You are providing a place but not a plan with the help of a professional. It’s like giving a new convert a Bible. 10% of converts will read and learn to study on their own. Another 10% will never even open it, yet the 80% will read it every now and then but never truly utilize it thus not maximizing full potential. Give them the place but also give them a plan.

As a Lead Pastor you don’t have the time to implement that’s where we come in. However, if you are a lead pastor in order to implement a wellness program you need to be leading the charge. Our mission for wellness programs are simple: Help your unfit leaders get fit. Our goals are to increase the energy levels and quality of life while possibly decreasing your healthcare cost.

Listen to what Lead Pastor John Van Pay of Gateway Fellowship says about the importance of staff wellness:

Our staff evaluated every area of our life, we evaluated our spiritual, ministry, relationship, families, marriage, finances, by far the poorest area we neglected was our physical bodies. It was the lowest rank by a huge margin. We didn’t want our physical bodies to keep us from God achieving what he wanted to in and through our leadership and church in next years. He’s called us to incredible mission. As a leadership team we want to model this, we see a great Kingdom opportunity, if we’re not being healthy, bottom line we must be healthy from inside out or we’ll be hypocrites.

Our services include setting up an ongoing coaching program that will encourage, direct, and hold your leaders accountable through online tracking. We will provide multiple options to meet the specific needs of your leadership environment and help your leaders find their sweet spot of fitness.

What Does a Wellness Program Consist Of?

We have completely revamped our whole approach to staff wellness. We would like to offer some of what is mentioned below, but first off recommend each of your leaders enroll in the Fit Pastors Academy. We will determine how many spots you need and apply a staff discount for enrolling multiple staff. After your staff complete Fit Pastors Academy we can work toward the following:

  • Once a year in person planning, goal-setting, assessments, and consultations for each leader
  • Four annual online coaching clinics via Google Hangout focusing on Iron One’s “Four Tires to Keep Your Vehicle on the Road to Health”
  • Monthly perks and annual rewards
  • Weekly tips and articles

What is the Cost?

The cost of implementing a wellness program would be a one time launch fee of $1000 (plus traveling expenses) and then based on need we would determine the rest.

What’s Next?

Contact us here to get started. We will only be selecting a handful of staff teams for 2014.

Check out what pastors are saying about our staff wellness programs…

When I first met with the team from I was impressed with their heart and kind spirit. is a visionary concept with the skills to follow through. We recently had a staff consultation in which they challenged and inspired our team. I would highly recommend you bring them in

– Mike Buie, Lead Pastor, Cathedral of Praise

Dude you guys rocked!!! We have never done that before and we all have never heard a church talk on health. I like style and their mission.

– Jesse Martin, Lead Pastor, The Venture Community

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